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First Baptist Church of Urbana
Friday, July 19, 2019
Making the Invisible God Visible


2018-2019  Urbana First Baptist Church Serving/Leadership Positions:
Interim Pastor: Pastor Gary Urich
Pulpit Committee:  Beverly Dampier, Jerry Glor, Deana Magnuson, Ryan Sorrell & Doug Stidham
Deacons: Ryan Sorrell (Chairman), Ron Lilley, Doug Stidham, Jerry Glor, Joe Rooffener
Trustees: Chris Stidham (Chair), Gregg Owens, Andy Glor, Steve Conly, Jeff Hooper
Benevolence Committee (special events, assistance for those in need, birthday cards, flowers, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets) Beverly Dampier (Chair), Shirl Bradshaw, Linda Rooffener, Jerry Glor, Jill Blankenship (Clothing Closet)
Children's Director:  Karrie Sorrell
VBS: Deana Magnuson
Children’s Church: Beverly Dampier
Youth Ministry Directors:  Josh & Susan Edge
Church Clerk, Publications, Website, Newspapers, Building Usage:Heather Stidham Assistant: Cloe Stidham
Executive Board: Jerry Glor &  Claire Reed
Fellowship Kitchen Committee:  Deana Magnuson (Chair), Mary Ellen Alexander,
Shirl Bradshaw, Lynn Johnson , Linda Rooffener, Shannon Starkey, Clint Weems
Ladies Ministry WMU: Linda Rooffener (Director)
Messengers / Delegates to yearly meeting: Doug Stidham, Sue Stidham, Linda Rooffener, Cheyenne Rooffener
Music Director: Karrie Sorrell
Nominating Committee: Joe Rooffener (Chair), Doug Stidham, Beverly Dampier, Holly Glor
Treasurers (Finance): Beverly Dampier (Chair), Mary Ellen Alexander,  Joe Rooffener 
Ushers: Ryan Sorrell (Director)
Transportation Ministry:  Gregg Owens
Sunday School & Worship Nursery Director:  Deana Magnuson
Bible Study (Sunday School) Superintendent: Ryan Sorrell
Adult 1: Douglas Stidham
Adult 2: TBA
Youth: Josh & Susan Edge
4th-6th: Bessie Herring/ Linda Rooffener
1st-3rd:  Danielle Kenall/ Sonya Culver
Pre-K – Kindergarten: Jenny Conly