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First Baptist Church of Urbana
Friday, July 19, 2019
Making the Invisible God Visible

Prayer Request



To update the prayer list please let Heather Stidham know of those that can be taken off or need to be added.  Thank you!

Prayer requests:


Randy Lourenco - surgery

Joe Stafford

Tonya Bell

Douglas Stidham (shoulder surgery)

Susie Owens (Gregg's stepmom, cancer)

Taylor Swigert

Julie Rowe       

Peggy Shull   (Becky Reynold's sister, has cancer)                                                      

Vera Green-broken arm                                           

Cheryl Ess – cancer

Troy & Lynn Johnson                                                

Brian Quigley (Kathy Schreiner’s son)

Thomas Proctor (Samantha’s Uncle)                         

Brother Claire Reed & Shirl                                      

DCASB Churches                                                      

Brother Ron Lilley & Pauline                                    

Angel Dotson 

Travis & Evangeline Stockham                                 

Lawrence & Mary Bridges

Chris Livezey                                                                                                                                     Church Family & The DCASB              

Jody & Penny Johnston                                  

Barbara Miller - Buffalo heart problems                   

Armed Forces                                                             

Missionaries Worldwide

The President & Government Officials                     

Revival in our church & nation                    

Jazmin Yellowhawk, Zane Covey & Andrew Yellowhawk (Daniel Herring’s sister & nephew)