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Monday, November 18, 2019
Making the Invisible God Visible

Prayer Request



To update the prayer list please let Heather Stidham know of those that can be taken off or need to be added.  Thank you!

Prayer requests:


The family and friends of Abreea Henry

The family of Baby Kammden

Trish Pierce

Pastor Dan Sample

Joe Stafford - knee replacement

Darren Harris - infection of the colon

Doug Brainard - stage 4 cancer (Dan Sheckler's Brothers)

Debra Valentine - Climax Springs - stroke

E.J. - Daniel and Bessie's nephew, fell from a second story onto concrete.  

Michael Walker - Mercy - Pancreatitis, kidney problems (Heather's brother-in-law)

Bobby Irvine - caner

Ramona Vance - Stage I Breast Cancer

Bo Noodwang - Colon Cancer

Alan Rowe

Stan Nimmo - hospital in Springfield

Virginia Yearberry - Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

Fredo (man, hit by a car, submitted by Kathy Sample)

Sherre Starr - Bessie's cousin & newborn baby

Susie Owens ( Gregg's Step-mom, cancer)

Kathy Cheek - breast cancer

Kathy Keith - Bessie's mother

Taylor Swigert                                                                                                                            

Brian Quigley (Kathy Schreiner’s son)                         

Brother Claire Reed & Shirl                                      

DCASB Churches                                                      

Brother Ron Lilley & Pauline                                    

Mike Simmons

Michael Simmons

Travis & Evangeline Stockham                                 

Lawrence & Mary Bridges                                                                                                                  Church Family         

Jody & Penny Johnston                                  

Barbara Miller - Buffalo heart problems                   

Armed Forces                                                             

Missionaries Worldwide

The President & Government Officials                     

Revival in our church & nation