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First Baptist Church of Urbana
Sunday, January 17, 2021
Making the Invisible God Visible

Prayer Request


Mary Ellan Alexander – recovering from shoulder replacement surgery.

Curtis Adams – heart issues                                        Joann Adams

Duane Swigert – kidney transplant                             Brad McFadden – cancer

Courtney Laughlin- COVID                                      Heather Gourley – COVID

Deana’s brother-in-laws family (his sister Donna, her husband Jason and two kids) - COVID

Baby Meredith – brain cancer                                     Tony and Tonya Bell – health issues

Jackie Poole – cancer                                                  The U.S., President Trump  

Aaron and Angie Taylor                                             Judy Kaiahua – COVD, Heart issues

David Larimore – Bronchitis                                      John Simmons – hospital, diabetes

Tom Emmons – mouth cancer (Gregg’s stepdad)     Pastor Dan Sample – shoulder, neck 

Darlene Stafford- knee replacement surgery              Hosea and Marian Clemmons – COVID

Caroline Russell – hospital, pneumonia                     Armed Forces

Angel Dotson – COVID & Pneumonia                      Paige Hamilton – recovering heart surgery

Opal Russell                                                                Pastor Leon Lay

Ashley Gray                                                                Josh Cameron

Valerie Rowland – Bessie’s cousin, COVID             Beverly Dampier’s cousin and family

Geri Whitrock – Cancer                                              Staff and students at local schools

Cindy Stewart (wife of Cherry Grove Pastor)            Eunice Long (wife of Promise Point Pastor)

Daniel and Bessie Herring                                          Lawrence & Mary Bridges                            

DCASB Churches                                                      Michael Simmons - Cancer

Alan Rowe – surgery                                                  Susan Edge’s sister Jobi

John Dean – Susan’s brother                                      Allison Elliott-little girl with cancer

Trish Pierce                                                                 Mike Simmons – Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Missionaries Worldwide                                            Kathy Keith (Bessie Herring’s mother)

Doug Brainard – stage 4 cancer (Dan’s Brother)       Revival in our church, community & nation